Using Google Forms

      It’s been such a long week mixed with recovering from this illness to craziness at school mixed in with some really good news mixed in between all of that. (I will probably let loose SOME of that news in the coming weeks as TMEA/TI:ME looms closer.) With everything thats happening. I realized that next week is the LAST week of our 2nd marking period which means..I’m moving back to my other school next friday! AAHH! How do you start finishing everything up in such a short amount of time? Well, I had one more assessment to hand to 7 different classes, so I created a Google Form.

    I hate paper quizzes. I do, it kills trees and why not complete something on the computer as a healthy alternative to save the enviroment? So what I did was head to my Google Drive and clicked the create button to the left. This button allows me to create a form.

  So what can you use a form for?

  •        Assessments- Create a quiz and hand a student a device to let them complete it on. The beauty about Google forms is they can be completed on any device, computer or tablet.
  •        Exit tickets- See if your class got what you were trying to convey in your lesson. Have them complete a quick exit ticket before they leave and you get instant results.
  •        Survey- Want to see who is the favorite band or who their favorite composer is?
  •        Worksheet- Skip the paper and have them do a form instead!

       The best part about using forms is:

  •      I have found students tend to do better using a device as opposed to paper.
  •     You get instant results in an organized spreadsheet located in your Google Drive.
  •     No paper!
  •     Easier to grade and then copy grades right into a spreadsheet or a gradebook.
  •     You get to create the form the way you would like. 

       With each form you create, you can develop your own questions in a variety of formats such as multiple choice and fill in the blank. It can be submitted multiple times on a device (Goes back to a blank form after each submission) so multiple students can fill out the form and all the information is instantly updated on a spreadsheet created in your Drive. With each form you can add pictures, videos, choose your own theme. It becomes a really cool way to create a quick assessment for your students and it’s free!!

So how do you create one?

  • Head to your Google Drive and click “create”
  • Choose form then type in a title and choose your theme before clicking OK.
  • After that it is up to you how you want the form. The whole interface is very user friendly.
  • Just remember, if you want to collect responses remember to click “Choose reponse destination” to make sure the responses are going where you would like (you can have multiple assessments head to the same spreadsheeet!) Also, be sure to have “Accepting responses” turned ON so your responses are recorded!
  • To aquire a link for the form, after you are done creating and hit “Send Form” a link will be created for you to share with your students or book mark for them to get to later.


    Have you used a Google Form before to assess your students?  What other ways could you use this form form? 

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