Coloring time

I’ve been sick most of this week with some sort of respiratory plaque that has tried to slowly kill me. I love to draw so today to keep myself busy I drew a cute little coloring notebook you are more than welcome to steal when your classes are learning about instrument families. It is a short little book with 5 lines on each page for each student to write down facts about each family and then color the page before moving to the next family. It would make a nice step by step activity and each student would have a cute book all their own after they are done learning about all of the families. 

I couldn’t find my printer USB cable to scan these in properly so if there is an interest for it I will scan them at school. Leave a comment below if you would like a better quality.

Here are the original drawings:



Front Page:













Again, these are jpegs take with my phone, if you are interested in PDFs of the original drawings just comment below. Little books like these are a great interactive lesson for your students that encourages them to listen and teaches basic note taking skills!



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