Music Ed Motivation Day: PD in your PJs

  Call for moderators has gone out! I know it is a little while before we return for our June event but you can never put the word out too early! Visit for more information and to sign up!

  Have you ever just thought to yourself: man, I really am not getting as much out of this professional development as I should be. I wish I could just create my own. That is how Music Ed Motivation Day came around. I sat down and said to myself I really wish there was a way to create my own PD where I got something out of every second instead of only bits and pieces. When you want something done right you better do it yourself!..right?

   Using the popular vehicle of social media, this day was created. A day where anyone could be an expert and anyone who wanted to could join in. All you need is a little motivation. Of course we are always going to change and become better with every time. Just like a teacher is ever learning and changing for the better so is musedmot. It is just me behind the scenes, there is not a whole crew. I enlist the help of friends to create this day and A LOT of technology! I have been very grateful for press about this event by many friends and a great mention in an article about myself on page 22 of NAfME’s October issue of Teaching Music Magazine! The word needs to still be spread! Continue telling your friends to join us in June!

     Have a Twitter account, maybe a Facebook? How about access to Google Plus? We spend time on all 3! Make sure you like our Facebook Page for updates about Musedmot events. Our day begins with a whole bunch of Twitter chats following the hashtag #musedmot. Follow the Musedmot Twitter handle @musedmot for more information. Inbetween these Twitter chats we have occasional breaks for Google Plus Hangouts! Add our page to get more info or friend me if you are planning on attending a hangout at our next event this coming June!

      Are you a brave soul who would be willing to moderate a chat or even a hangout? I dare you to try! You never know how much fun you will have and how much you will learn until you try it out. Visit our moderator page on our website to submit a topic and your prefered time slot! (All times are Eastern Standard Time) I LOVE to meet new people who are willing to stand up and lead discussions about various Music Education topics! We are already partnered up with Musical Ear for another event and would love to have another company on board!

    Still not convinced? Try it out, this a come and go as you please event. Come for any topics you like. You do not need to stay the whole day. Many of us do because it becomes just so much fun and we end up walking away from the day motivated to get ready for another year. (Well I pass out on the couch for a few hours afterward but then I get motivated!) Our next big event is June 25th with a new bi monthly #musedmot night Twitter chat starting in August. Visit for more information.

     Anyone with questions, comments, or willingness to lend a hand getting the word out and bringing in moderators please leave a comment, contact me on social media, or email I would love to hear from you. I want as many people as possible to get involved and get something out of this and will take any help that is offered! Stay tuned to Musedmot social media and this blog for updates as our June event gets closer.

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