How to Create a YouTube Playlist for Class

  So I’ve been thinking of new things to incoorporate into this blog every once in a while and after recieving technical questions after my NHMEA workshop I decided I would do a little mini series on short and helpful tech tips to do all the things I describe about in this blog. (I was also inspired by the Quavermusic Blog’s monday tip series, Thanks Abby!) So over the next few weeks I will be posting helpful and technical tips on how to make technology easy and work for you so you can use it without hesitation in your classroom.

    As I’ve learned over the past few years, YouTube videos have become more and more useful when showing them in class. They are great visuals for students to actually see what you are talking about and are easy ways to get music performers into your classroom without the big bucks and all the time. What some teachers get frusterated with is the fact that they start to accrue more and more videos to show and to search through all of them for the right one becomes a big mess and wastes time especially if you are in the middle of class, that’s when the playlists come in. I have several that go with different lessons so they are easy to find and can play one right after the other. If you are interested in checking out the playlists I have created click the following to my YouTube Channel:

 To Make A Playlist:

  To make a new playlist can be quite easy once you get going. First, make sure you have created a YouTube profile and find a video you would really like to save for later. I’ve used the Just Dance Surfin’ Bird video because..well..the bird REALLY IS the word. Once you get to a video you would like to save, underneath the video there are some options. Click the words Add To


   After you have hit add to, in the middle of the window just below the video there is now a list of playlists you have. Find the box under the list where you can type in a new playlist name. It should be right below it.


   Once you have found the box, type in a new name for your new playlist and decide whether you would like it a public or private list. After you have made your decisions click Create Playlist.


   There! You have created a playlist! Once you find another video repeat the first step and instead of creating a new playlist just select the playlist you would like in the list and it will be added. To visit your playlists or to edit them click on your profile on the upper right of the screen and a list of your playlists will come up. You can click on them there to play them but if you want to edit, click on the video manager link that is close to your profile information.


 Once in the video manager, to get you editing your playlists you need to click the Playlists link on the left hand navagation bar and that will bring you to the screen where you can delete, change descriptions or the title, or even adjust start times for each list you have.


   Now you are probably to the point where you have an AMAZING playlist, ready to share it? Go back and click on your profile on the upper right corner to get your lists and click on the one you would like to share. Now instead of hitting Add to again, hit Share which is right next to it and that will provide you with the link to send to others or the option to share it to the social media site of your choice.


That should be it! A simple way to create a YouTube playlist. I will be back next week with another walk through of another tool. Have a request or a question? Leave me a comment or like this blog’s new Facebook fanpage and leave me a comment there!

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