Airport Blogger: Spending a Few Days at Quaver HQ

It’s been quite the interesting few hours after plane delays and cancellations and having to rebook. I have now deemed New England weather the devil and Delta are a bunch of wimps for not being able to fly through a little rain. Oh we’ll though, my first cancelled flight experience was bound to come up sooner or later and as long as I get home at some point before school starts on the 20th I don’t care, due to the fact I am typing this in between flights on my iPad mini my apologies for any links left out, I promise to be better next week. As I finish this blog I’m finally at dinner in my hometown!

This week has been fantastic otherwise. I have been down in Quaver HQ in Nashville getting a crash course in video and audio production, talking about social media plans for the year, having some fun with the Quaver crew and getting waist deep in their new curriculum being released NEXT WEEK! Can you say, under pressure? Looking through the product going out on the 15th I must say the brochure they have out does not do the product justice, it truly is drool worthy when you see it in front of you. The connections it makes, the new songs it provides, and all of the tools included in it made my head spin in a good way. Just the way it is organized will make your OCD teacher tendencies jump with joy. Everything is there, everything is linked, your stressful planning times would be cut in half and there would be so much more time to just enjoy teaching. I hear some of you complaining though, “But I don’t want to go full Quaver I have my own things to teach and style. With the function to customize your lessons soon out, you will be able to make each and every Quaver lesson your own without having to become as nutty as Quaver himself (that man had me laughing until I was red in the face all day yesterday!)
The program itself is still going to be web based as the kids website and Quaver classrooms currently are but there is talks of many more apps to come for you devote iPad users, this hardworking company is going day and night to make sure Quaver has everything you ever need and their work over the past year truly reflects the many sleepless nights they have gone through for all their Quaver teachers.
Looking at the price of the curriculum might seem daunting especially for smaller districts with not a lot of extra funds to adopt such a big program. Take it from me, it is truly worth the price for what you receive, the company hopes with payment plans and the numerous resources included in it that it would be easier for music educators to convince administration to purchase it.

Convinced yet? As excited as I am? My head is spinning with ideas on how to use this program in unique ways, and even if I after I stand up as ask my school board and cannot get it this year for some reason ( I’m in a very small district with only 5 schools total, even our district doesn’t get a lot of money) I will still trying to post ideas about different ways of using it so stay tuned! Keep watch on for official announcements about the curriculum, QTourials, and more,

Thank you to the Quaver Team for a wonderful few days in Nashville, I know it is a busy time but being there with you guys was amazing and I’m excited to have another Quavertastic year sharing about Quaver and creating even more creative ideas and activities that teachers can use the program for!


One thought on “Airport Blogger: Spending a Few Days at Quaver HQ

  1. mastran444 says:

    We loved having you and can’t wait to share the Curriculum with more teachers! Thanks for your input and excitement!

    Abby and the Quaver Team!

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