End of the Year Playlist

The race has begun, only a few days of school left before the Alice Cooper hit “School’s Out” will be playing in my head over and over again. In my classroom, it’s time to get a little nuts, be a little loud, and have a little fun. I always make a playlist of all the songs I plan on using for the last week of school for easy access. From singing to dancing and even playing we take the last few moments we have together and just make music. Below are the songs I have on my list divided up by activity!

Songs to Sing:

Sing Together by Train

We Are The Champions by Queen

Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland

Songs to Dance to:

Macarena by Kidzone

Cotton Eye Joe by Star Sound

Cha-Cha Slide by Mr. C

Cupid Shuffle by Cupid

Activity Songs

Pete the Cat and His White Shoes by Mr. Eric – With this song by Kindergarten Students and I read the story and sing the song. We then get to color our own shoe paper and design our own shoe which we put into a book that I give to the teacher after we all sing it together!

Drum stick songs (We use these songs and create patterns as a following the leader activity . The students love to sing along as they drum like a rock star

I Gotta Feeling by Kidz Bop Kids

Fireflies by Kidz Bop Kids

Firework by Kidz Bop Kids

Dynamite by Kidz Bop Kids

Magic by Kidz Bop Kids

Some Nights by Kidz Bop Kids

  What songs are you doing or did you do for your last few days of school?


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