Wanna See My Wall? Part 2: Continuing with MIOSM All Year Long

I spent the week having my students run through centers. It’s a great way to see who needs extra assistance and who are stronger at certain things that could buddy up with others in the future. As I did with my first wall at my first school : Wanna See My Wall? Part 1 my second school built the same. It was great to see some of their examples and how they differed between grade levels and between schools. Now that my hallway is filled to the top with pictures and poems I thought I’d share some fantastic work by my students about why music is meaningful and should stay in schools.


IMG_0150 IMG_0149IMG_0139IMG_0135 IMG_0138 IMG_0136 IMG_0134 IMG_0133 IMG_0132 IMG_0131IMG_0130IMG_0128 IMG_0127 IMG_0126

MIOSM may only be a month, but how do you continue to advocate all year?

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