Day 3 is Done and the iPads Won

iPad Apps to check out:

 -Explain Everything



-Touchband Pro

-Sound Pixels

-Vid Rhythm


Amy’s iPad app Pinterest Page:


Richard’s iPad Pinterest Page:


  Traveling back home so early is hard, you don’t want to leave the excitement and the fun behind but know there’s a life waiting for you to come back to. As I leave Texas I carry with me a refreshed mind, a boost of self esteem and a bucketload of new resources and theories to think about and try. It’s been one of the best conferences I’ve been too, I felt like one of the cool kids hanging out with the TI:ME big wigs and hearing those who gave me shoutouts in their sessions as well as getting positive feedback on the sessions I did solo and with Amy. I felt like I’ve connected with long lost friends meeting some longtime Twitter friends, and it was great to see the Quaver crew face to face again, if you haven’t checked out their booth be sure to do so in the East exhibit hall before 2pm today!


Off to catch the last flight home. Safe Travels home everyone.


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