Music Ed Motivation Archives! January 19th!

Thank you for everyone who moderated and participated today! You guys rock! I don’t know when the next date will be, it might be in 6 months, it might be next January! I’m easily persuaded if anyone ready wants a say in the next date! 

Twitter Archives from Today!

Our First Session was archived from our Moderator Jeff McCoach (@MrMcCoachBand) – Student Recruitment 

Our Session on Teacher Evaluation was archived by Heather McEndree (@MusicHeather) – Teacher Evaluation 

To see the rest of the Twitter archives from today check out – #musedmot Archives

Our Google Plus Video Hangouts were fantastic! I would Like to thank Caroline, Carol, and Rick for moderating them!

Caroline’s Notes from her Hangout on – Music Practice  

Stephanie Sanders Shared forms she uses with her students for practicing  7/8 and HS Symphonic Band

5/6 Grade Band 

My Notes on our Top Websites and Apps for class

Top Websites:












Top Apps:

  1. Orchestra App
  2. Piano Dust Buster
  3. Recorder Master
  4. Grade Book Pro
  5. Class Dojo
  6. Coach’s Eye
  7. Wavepad
  8. Evernote
  9. forScore-music reader
  10.  Tenuto
  11. Toca Boca Band
  12.  Vid Rhythm
  13. Garageband
  14. Rhythm Cat
  15. Dragon Dictation
  16. Splashtop
  17. iStopMotion
  18. iStopCamera
  19. ToonTastic
  20. MadPad
  21.  BeBot
  22. Jordan Rudness apps

Carol had a great session on iPads!-  iPad G+ Hangout

Here is the link to our Youtube Playlist and Hangout video! Hangout Video /  Youtube Playlist We Created 

Thank you to Rick for a great session on Cross Curricular Work!

 Another even more successful event, and a BIG thank you to the new PLN members who  tried out G+! I hoped you enjoyed it! Please be sure to check out our pages on G+ and Twitter, we will continue to stay in touch on those accounts and will try to organize some more practice G+ hangouts for interested parties!:

Google Plus Page 

@Musedmot Twitter Page

Musedmot Pinterest Page!

Musedmot graphic

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