NHCMTC “Music Tech Made Simple” Presentation.

   It’s only a few days away and I’ve spent weeks going over what I want to do and say. It all goes down at 10:30am est on Tuesday 11/27. Below is the link to my powerpoint and handout for my very FIRST conference presentation all by myself at NHSTE’s Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference. I plan on going through technology found in the normal classroom and showing how it can be used in the music classroom setting giving examples, resources, and suggested activities for most of it. I hope to demonstrate the most important resources from my favorite MPLN heroes and promote the best PLN in the world giving who ever is in my audience a better look on how the music classroom is changing with the help of technology. 

Conference Presentations

     Hopefully I’ve got plenty of caffeine (I’ll gladly accept more!), a friendly and revved up audience, and possibly a few MPLNers cheering me on! I’m so nervous!! 

 Any comments with tips and advice would be great appreciated!

2 thoughts on “NHCMTC “Music Tech Made Simple” Presentation.

  1. I try to give expectations right away. Like “I’m looking for a discussion” or “I’m going to talk really fast”.

    I also don’t really do handouts, but I put everything online.

    Finally, I try to have two presentations ready. A basic one, and an advanced one depending on the feel of the room.

    Treat it like a learning experience. Have fun. Be yourself.

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