Music Ed Motivation Day Sept. 29th

It’s almost here! The 2nd running of Music Ed Motivation Day the multiplatform social media web day for music educators is close to just a week away with lots left to do! Mark your calendars, make sure you’re signed up to Twitter, the Music Teachers Facebook Group, and Google +..and DON’T BE AFRAID TO VOLUNTEER! Moderators still needed!

Here is the official webpage with all the links and up to date information:

Here’s what is going to happen:

1.) Starting early in the morning on Facebook I will start posting topics for teachers to begin the conversations, they will be about anything from resources, to integrating, to unique ideas for the classroom. Be sure to search for and ask for entrance so you can be a part of the action!

2.) Starting at 11am on Twitter search for the hashtag #musedmot to be involved in the twitter chats listed below:

11am est– Reading list: Books every music educator should read Moderator @musiced20

12pm est-Integrated curriculum: How can we help our regular classroom colleagues get music into their lessons? (Project ideas, activity ideas, etc.) Moderator @MsEstep

1pm est– Resource Session: Share your successful resources you use in your classroom

Be sure to join in and share your tools, thoughts, and experiences about the Twitter topics. At 2 pm the #musedmot hashtag will switch to a back channel to share notes and thoughts about the Google Plus On Air Hangouts that begin at 2pm est.

3.) Starting at 2pm est Google plus Hangouts will begin. To join in a hangout visit the moderators G+ page some time during the week by clicking on their name on the official Motivation Day homepage. They will have a short post up on their wall where those who want to part take in the video discussion can signup. (If you have signed up to mod a G+ chat, no worries, I will send out a little message about it soon!) First come first serve and they can have up to 9 other people in the hangout while others can watch the chat live from the moderators homepage and ask questions or give comments in the comments box, later as each chat is automatically recorded onto Youtube for later.

The G+ schedule is as follows:

3pm est General Music  Amy Burns
3pm est Technology Barb Freedman
4pm est Early Childhood Music
5pm est Private Teachers  
6pm est Vocal Ensembles  
7pm est Instrumental Ensembles  
8pm est Jazz

*There are many open spots for Google + moderators still available! Please consider moderating, the whole day is filled with great conversations because we have amazing moderators step up to the plate to get those conversations going!

Every discussion will be archived for later watching and reading! Want to see what went on last Music Ed Motivation Day? Visit:

If you’re interested in getting involved in anyway whether it is moderating, spreading the word, or what ever else you had in mind. Feel free to get in contact with me by leaving a comment here, email me at ( is also there if needed), or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter

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