A Guide to Music Ed Motivation Day: What’s Going on June 2nd

June 2nd a day that has been on my calendar for over a month. A social media day put together for music educators from around the globe to get together online and motivate ourselves to either make it to the end of the school year or to keep strong throughout the summer. We’re going to keep connected all over the social media world this day from mid morning (est.) to late evening (est.). If you have any questions or any trouble get a hold of me. I’ll be on Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook for most of the day checking in and helping the activity.

On Facebook:
-There will be topics for discussion being posted in the music teachers facebook group periodically throughout the day. Log in, head to the group and start talking! Not a member yet? Search for the group and request access before the 2nd!

On Twitter:
-Check out this schedule of topics that will be discussed during the day!

11am est
Resources Super Session Part 1 (tools to use in the classroom)
1pm est
How to interact with parents
2pm est
Choosing your rep for next year. (Favorite companies,repertoire,new songs in the budget for next year)
3pm est
How to Prepare Our Students for a Concert
4pm est
Cocktail Hour, a time to make new friends and reflect on the year we have had.
5pm est
Using Youtube to Coordinate Lesson Plans
6pm est
Relaxing ways to stay learning over the summer (Workshops, summer reading, etc.)
7pm est
Resources Super Session Part 2 (tools to enhance your professional learning)
9pm est
Feedback time (send your feedback to me if this day get’s a positive response and good attendance I’ll try to do it next year too!)

To join the discussion on Twitter make sure to follow the hashtag #musedmot. You can either search for the hastag on Twitter itself or follow the discussion using tools like: Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Tweetchat.

Google Plus:

This is an experiment, Google recently did a webconference using Google Plus On Air hangouts and I think it’s time for music educators to take it over. Here’s the schedule for the hangouts (plenty of spots available!!):

3:30pm est
General Music Eric Bonnett

4:30pm est
Instrumental Ensembles Sarah Mayer

5:30pm est
Vocal Ensembles Samantha Prindiville

6:30pm est
Technology Richard McCready

7:30pm est
Early Childhood Music Amy Burns

8:30pm est
Jazz Joe Pisano

To join one of these hangouts here is what you do:
1. Create a Google Plus Account
2. Add the moderator to your circles by clicking the link on http://www.cdwinal.com/musicedmotivationday.htm to go to their page.
3. Each moderator will have a post up asking for you to comment on it in order to be invited to the hangout. The first 9 people to comment will be invited during that scheduled time. If the moderator has the Google On Air hangout feature I will post on the Motivation Day page before then. If they do, anyone will be able to travel to their page during that time to watch the hangout live as it is going on.
4. If you are in a Hangout make sure to log in to Google Plus and be prepared for a Hangout invite on the scheduled time. *Remember these are video and audio chats! Please be prepared to let others see your smiling faces.

Here’s a video tutorial on On Air Hangouts (I just got it today!): http://youtu.be/ohlHn6Kt5YM

So, which ever way you do social media join us. Share how you keep motivated to do what we all love to do. We’ll be waiting for you on June 2nd!

Website for the big day: http://www.cdwinal.com/musicedmotivationday.htm

3 thoughts on “A Guide to Music Ed Motivation Day: What’s Going on June 2nd

  1. mmschorus says:

    This is so exciting! Thanks for posting this info. I’ll be able to participate for at least part of the day!! ~KBN

  2. fame1444 says:

    Reblogged this on Kids & Keys and commented:
    Social Media Day For Music Teachers!

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