What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger

The fighting spirit, something all hard working people have. We can be kicked while we’re down and still be able to come back swinging no matter what happens. We have problems arising right and left fires that need can only be put out with our skill and quick critical thinking. The way we fight for what we want can sometimes be our saving grace making life worth living and filled with adventure and great rewards. Music education only takes those willing to go down swinging, if the pressure, stress, and criticism doesn’t kill us..it only makes us stronger. We are given the task to provide our students with opportunities to arise above the rest, become great at what ever form of music they choose, and dream big. With all of the obstacles we face as music educators everyday we have to put on the boxing gloves, refill the coffee mug and plaster that confidence in what we do all over our face then walk in the doors of our learning establishment ready to face the day no matter what is chucked at our heads.
We can burn out from everything we do, we can slink back into that dark corner where nothing we do seems right and everything seems wrong. Relax, refresh, and remember to stick by what you do even if it seems wrong it can be oh so right. Strive for the things that you look forward to every week whether it is a hug from a student or that friday night margarita. The small victories are what keeps us from going under into that dark corner. Our perseverance, our drive, and our fire inspire others around us. We work hard to see the explosive positive results, we play hard use the enjoyment from every second.
Remember to use your resources, remember to talk about it, remember to smile with your head held high, and remember that fighting spirit.

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