Well hello there summer

Mmmm summer, time for warm weather, late nights, barbecues, and wide open roads just aching for the rumbles of car tires on long road trips. Quite a long stretch from the daily grind that most teachers and students face during the long school year. I found myself this past year really stretching myself to a breaking point trying to please others around me whether it be the students, the other teachers, or the administration. All the extra effort put in to make others happy drained my creativity and drive to do things that made me happy, things that allow me to wake up every day looking forward to something other than going back to bed. My summer has only been about 3 weeks long but already the things I’ve accomplished over those 3 weeks and the time I’ve had to slow down, reflect, and RELAX has overwhelmingly helped my brain catch up with life. Slow down, reflect, and relax..isn’t that what summer vacation is all about? To spend what ever time you have enjoying the things that you have trouble finding time for during school? Take it slow, really look at what you’re doing, reconnect, enjoy, further your knowledge and prepare yourself for September!

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