Feeling Together, Feeling Creative

Even though my todo list this summer is a hundred miles long I keep chugging through it. Why? because I feel the more I complete the better person I’ll be. I constantly am looking for ways to be better and rise above the rest. Most of this stuff ends up on my to do list and it takes eons for me to cross it off..but isn’t that any music teachers life? You think of a new and creative idea or you find one at a conference and put it on your to do list but when it gets busy it gets pushed to the side over and over again. It’s time to take charge of the to do list, I personally and determined to complete everything on it not only to make my life easier but to gain that feeling of accomplishment and the thought that I’ve done something good. The thought that I am doing good keeps me going, it should keep everyone going. One thing you cross off your to do list can do so much good even if you don’t realize it.

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