Show their work!

If you are not the only specials teacher in your school (Most of the time specials teachers include P.E, Library, and Art teachers) Try teaming up with them and put on a performance. You could all work together to bring the school together for one large performance with each grade using a culture and the Art teacher could have them do crafts relating to that culture, the P.E. teacher could do dances or children’s games, the librarian could relate it to books or movies, and you of course could handle the music. Do at least a few weeks of this unit with each grade or class as they come around to you in their weekly rotation. You could practice for it choosing songs for each grade that they could sing to or have the older kids do instrument performances (African drum circle for instance). At the end put a concert on for the parents and the school to show off what you and the other special teachers have been working on with the students. Decorate the performance space with all the art projects, have a few classes do some dancing on stage, have some sing songs, and maybe they librarian could have some small groups come up from each grade and do a small presentation talking about each culture.

         Make this performance something to remember because it would be great advocacy to let the school and the parents know that specials are not just for show, they have a well deserved place in the curriculum.

          This performance could take the place of a spring general music concert if desired!

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