Tech Tip Corner #1 – Getting to Flash-Based​ Sites on an iPad

Welcome to Tech Tip Corner! A new recurring feature on the blog here to answer commonly asked questions about the technology in your room. If you have questions that you want to be answered, leave a comment below!

Today’s tip comes from a serious survey on the state of digital online resources and the announcement of Adobe dropping the Flash program in 2020 (Read the more here: )

A lot of out of these world resources created for education and have stood the test of time were written in Flash programing language and these sites have either stopped creating or are trying to catch up with the times but it might be a while. Now that a lot of even internet browsers are already dropping support for flash, it is becoming harder and harder to access these sites to continue using them in lessons. Desktops make it a little easier to access them, although if you ever have an issue with a  flash based website, I recommend trying it in another internet browser might help solve the issue. There are more and more browsers that are dropping their support for Flash, Chrome being one such instigator.

Still remains the problems of devices like iPads which are notorious for being anti-flash run into the problem of not being able to access those sites at all. (Flash and Apple are bad neighbors.) This pretty much means that any flash based websites are unable to be accessed through the normal way of heading to Safari. Most will try to get to a site and when they are unable to, they move on to the next resource, but there is always a loophole! To get a Flash website, use a Flash-enabled browser app to access the websites. Apps such as




It will open up a world of possibilities for increased interactivity for you and your students during instruction!

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